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Exciting branding news for those in Sweden and all 7-Eleven lovers! After 80 years of having the same logo, the Swedish branch of the highly popular franchise has changed it's logo for the better.

7-Eleven Rebrand


What is branding and why is it important?

What is your mission? How does the world see you? People come to us looking to create or redesign their website or marketing collateral for them because "they need it now". The first question that we often ask is, "may we discuss your branding & see your identity"? After reviewing their materials, we often realize why they failed to deliver the core essence of who they really are, both visually and emotionally to their target audience. Read more…

Web Development:

Your site won't last forever.

Like the organic process of an evolving brand, a website too will need to forever change and transform accordingly. Either due to technological advancements, buisness remodeling, or content strategy revamping; a websites lifespan is relatively short. 3-5 years is most likely the longest it will remain the same. People think by keeping their same old site up for 10 years that they need not worry about investing funds back into their site. Read more…

Other Creative Services:

Promo and Marketing.

Okay, so your branding is established and your logo, strong. Now you must support your company with promo or marketing materials. Through our printing affiliates, modulation can handle such services as advertisements, print ads, signage, posters, business cards and other collateral pieces, etc. For examples, have a look at our "Odds & Ends" in the portfolio section on our site. Read more…