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For this months Visual Nirvana we bring some exciting news for those in Sweden and all 7-Eleven lovers! After 80 years of having the same identity, the Swedish branch of the highly popular franchise has changed it’s logo. Before you say anything; no, 7-Eleven has not been in Sweden for 80 years, nor did it originate there. Matter of fact, 7-Eleven did not appear in Europe until 1978, opening up it first location in Sweden’s very own capital, Stockholm.

Graphic Design Agency, BVD (Beattie Vass Design), was chosen to undertake the project. Rather than toning down the corporate identity of the franchise, which we all thought was the original proposition, BVD was told to amplify the logo, in turn giving it a far more expressive and eccentric vibe to it. It’s would be wise to notice that even though the “7” is not as visible in the new logo as it was in the old one, the company’s signature colors of green, orange, and red have been magnified in it’s place.

“We used them in a new and more modern way, creating a strong recognizable graphic signal that works in a busy environment.” – BVD Partner Rikard Ahlberg referencing the new stripe-pattern design.

7 Eleven Rebrand

Interior of the new 7-Eleven Sweden

Last but not least, we move on to the re-designed interior of the store. Using the same guiding principle, BVD virtually re-created 7-Eleven… figuratively, of course. Now you’re greeted by beautiful, pristine white walls surrounded by halogen bulbs and numerous 7-Eleven signs. BVD even had the courtesy of redesigning the kiosk with a big “Kaffe” sign hanging right above it. Whatever cliches are said about whitewashed Scandinavian designs prove to be very untrue in this particular situation, considering everything, except the walls, were painted a dark, hunter green.  We here at modulation, prefer to embrace the modern look and hope, one day, they make the same transition here in the US.


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Re-brand Sweden…
  1. Caleb says:

    Sometimes simple thing like changing a logo can give a company new life and new meaning. It is will interesting to see if this has an effect on their business.

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