modulation design’s “Visual Nirvana”: Kurt Schwritters and his, “Merzbau.”

 Kurt Schwritters Merzbau

Art can never be confined to any set of rules. It is truely an ever growing and unique concept. Many artists that believed in this idea are known as Dada Artist. Dadaists are not united through commonality in art, but by diversity and unconventional methods that could be art. Among many artists who revolutionized art, one of them was Kurt Schwitters. His artwork could not be defined by any other, therefore, he created his own brand of art; “a whole process, philosophy, and lifestyle, which he called merz—a nonsense word that became his kind of personal brand…”.
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Feature Friday’s: New Years quote from American art director and graphic designer Paul Rand…

paul rand

We thought this fit our motto: “Don’t try to be original; just try to be good.” — Paul Rand


Feature Fridays: Your company’s identity — blurry or sharp? Addressing Retina Displays…

Retina Display

With a multitude of high-resolution devices out on the market today, having your company look good is paramount. Retina visitors see the same layout in the same physical dimensions as non-high-res visitors. But the increased pixel density means you can serve up sharper, better-looking graphics. Although, there is a small downside to this; ordinary graphics, particularly icons and logos, can look fuzzy on high-resolution screens. An important yet overlooked issue.

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Muse Monday: Led Zeppelin’s “Sound & Vision” part one — the 45 collection…

Feature Fridays: 3 Reasons to Invest in “Your” Brand…

invest in your brand
Brand identities have one major purpose: To embody and advance the company by supporting the customer’s desired perceptions. In turn, the brand identity becomes a constant reminder of it’s core values and it’s heritage.

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Feature Fridays: Photography goes RAW for Android

Camera Raw
Soon you will be able to take RAW photos (uncompressed images) with your Android device. According to Engadget, a small batch of code discovered last month reveals that Google has been working on new camera software that could allow your Android device to store both uncompressed and compressed JPEG images at the same time.

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Feature Fridays: Stefan Sagmeister’s “The Happy Show” Exhibition in LA

The Happy Show, Sagmeister

The era of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is over. The time of life, liberty, and happiness has begun. According to renowned graphic designer, Stefan Sagmeister, the pursuit part is no longer required to obtain eternal joy; but instead it is something we are entitled to. It is a difficult time to be living in the U.S., given all that has been happening. Slashing the budgets of many major companies, cutting college classes, and stamping a stigma on the practice of making art itself, which the government has deemed unnecessary; therefore telling everyone we don’t need it.

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Feature Fridays: French Newspaper Disputes The Power of Photography

French Newspaper Libération

Being passionate users of photography in our work, modulation design, thinks it is important to help you acknowledge the influence of it in our day-to-day basis.
As a response to several media outlets heavily cutting their staff; French newspaper Libération shows the reliance of photojournalism amongst newspapers in their November 14th issue by removing all photos from one of their daily prints. A so-called “plunge into darkness”, says Libération culture journalist Brigitte Ollier. Leading it to look, ironically, like a “newspaper with no message” we’ve said here at modulation.
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Feature Fridays: The New Face of Philips –
Getting a Brand Refresh

philips rebrand

The mission: Philips’ creative design team was able to build on their new identity with the tagline ‘Innovation and you’, which the company says ‘is rooted in Philips.’ It is quite clear that the company understands one VERY IMPORTANT thing: Innovation means nothing without the understanding of people’s needs and desires. Following this guideline, the company used their recent social media campaign to build brand awareness and understanding amongst the public.

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Feature Fridays: Technology – How modulation design Tames the Project Nightmare

Bascamp, modulation design blog
Ever feel that your projects are controlling you? You have a Post-It note stuck on your monitor with important contact information. Then there’s that email print out with hand-drawn notes and other detailed project information. Let’s not forget that team member half-way around the world that’s hard to get in touch with. Point being, so much time and energy is involved in keeping a project on track that you look up and wonder where the day has gone.
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