What goes into a brand: Naming, Story, Vision, Differentiating, Visuals, Consistency, Emotional Connection, Loyalty…

What is your mission? How does the world see you? People come to us looking to create or redesign their website or marketing collateral for them because "they need it now." The first question that we often ask is, "may we discuss your branding & see your identity"? After reviewing their materials, we often realize why they failed to deliver the core essence of who they really are, both visually and emotionally to their target audience. This detachment of the sensory experience is a common error in the marketplace. To create a successful brand, modulation needs to fully understand both the goals of the organization and the industry as a whole, while also knowing what differentiates you from the competition. Brand clarity is critical for your business and helps you to “cut through the clutter” in the sea of choices.

Names are critical in the branding process. The “type” of the name, the “meaning” of the name, and the "rhythmic movement" of the word all play an important role in reaching your audience, helping them better remember who you are. A tagline supports the brand with a simple clear statement. They are easy to remember, unique, short, and usually invoke an emotional response. We can help you stand out with developing the right name & tag line custom fitted for your company. Examples of Names & Taglines, i.e. Apple - "Think different.”

Here at modulation we cover the full spectrum of both branding and brand identity. We will work closley with you to construct a "look & feel" for your custom project. Spanning from strategy to public unveiling, our years of experience working on assignments ranging from real estate, computer base companies, financial, small businesses, non-profits, start-ups all the way to pro bono, making us the perfect choice for any undertaking. We'll help you define a clear, consise, brand strategy that will refine your own distinctive mark within your "niche market." By creating concepts and designs based off of a "creative brief", which is submitted to clients in the phase one process; this discover + define method helps both us and the client form a synergy, and in-turn will help us conceptualize the "BIG idea" and establishes a creative direction instead of working subjectively, or "randomly", which never produces the right solution. That is why it is so important to invest in solid brand identity. Since we work with small to mid-size clients we make it affordable for us to be your "go to agency."

The digital world is all round us, with one third of the planet using the internet how you postion yourself in it, is vital. Everywhere we look we see people using their iPhone, tablet or laptop, etc., to get access to their favorite brands. This “information super-highway” has become a standard way of life for the most of us. With a single “click”… voilá, you are instantly globalized! To fully penetrate this realm one needs quantitative research which was successfully conducted by us when we created the LINEA website for the Art Students League of New York in 2013. With the internet never sleeping, a digital brand has the potential to quickly reach vast audiences, making your brand accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Our digital brand services are part of our Tier packages that help clients with solving issues such as domain name selection, web guideline structure and learning how to stand firm against your competitors in this rapidly evolving cyber-world. Examples of digital brands, i.e. Google, Amazon, eBay.

What does your brand/band sound like? Does your stage-set and clothing match your music? Do you have a logo / merchandise? Music branding is an important way to manage your brand's following and help build a stable fan base. With the help of Craig’s personal experience in the music business he can help coach you and build a strong, graphical impact which he has done with artists and companies such as B2B, Grammy-nominated jazz musician Jack Prybylski,, and UFO Records, NYC. Come see Craig's lecture on"Music Branding" at Premier Studios, 723 7th Avenue at 48th Street Studio E, New York, NY, September 28th. For more info vist: Autonomy Music

When we refer to your "application design" we are talking about your collaterial materials that help visually enforce your brands presence. Some common examples are as follows.

  • Brand Guidelines
  • Stationery System (Buisness Card, Letterhead, Envelope)
  • Website
  • Brochure
  • Merchandise (Shirts, Mugs, Hats)
  • HTML Email + Newsletter
  • Social Media