Odds & Ends • CD Design (Impulse Project)


Project Details

This one-of-a-kind, four CD, "Interview" box-set was designed as a thesis project for me during my undergraduate studies in 2004 amidst my time at SVA. The concept: to interview New Yorks' top designers and most influential people in the art and design industry. The project: known as "The Impulse", was coined simply because I had invited Stefan Sagmeister, Lisa Naftalin, James Victore, and Maira Kalman to select either an image, typeface, photograph, or any other object of the highest importance to them. In response I asked if I could come and personally interview them about their chosen object. I took back their interviews; remastered them, and designed four seperately colored irises along with their chosen object that was placed to be fitted onto the packaging.

Institution: School of Visual Arts

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