Discover + Define

Below you will find our custom website development process. This methodology was created to form a clear and concise outline for our clients, while the last step being optional in the projects construction.

Phase I "Discover"

Like branding, we do quantifiable research, and work with you to define who you are, your target audience, competition, strengths & weaknesses, before we design your site. The lifecycle is spawned here.

  • Creative Brief
  • Research
  • Questionnaire
  • Phase I "Define"

    It is important to establish your content for your site before the design is suggested as well as how a user might navigate. These disciplines establish that early on in the process & help clarify and organize.

  • Content Strategy
  • Site Architecture
  • Wireframing
  • Phase II "Design"

    Creating personas based off your data/research help produce designs that are unique in variation for the client to choose from. Prototypes can also be built to show user interaction + experience.

  • Personas
  • Style Guide
  • Prototyping
  • UI Layout & Design
  • Phase III "Develop"

    This phase involves preparing the approved design and programming by implementing HTML, CSS, Java Script, jQuery to structure content and style all elements including any interactivity or animations etc.

  • Preparing All Graphics
  • Coding + Styling CSS
  • Choosing Your Server
  • Phase III "Deploy"

    Before we launch your beautiful new site into the "cloud" we need to cross-check it on all browsers for any issues etc. We'll also make sure you're completely happy with your new platform + final thoughts.

  • Browser Testing
  • Client Tutorial *Applies To Package
  • Questions & Future Updates
  • Distribute "Optional"

    There is a great deal to manage after your site is launched. How you target specific social media communities is vital to how your company will thrive in the global market. We can help + assist you in this area.

  • Custom Social Media Matrix That Fits Your Brand
  • Social Media Application Tools + What Content You Should Propagate
  • Esablishing Your Brands "Voice" On Your Social Platforms