Other Creative Services

Every now and then there is a need to step out of our usual groove and assist clients in other artistic domains.

Okay, so your branding is established and your logo, strong. Now you must support your company with promo or marketing materials. Through our printing affiliates, modulation can handle such services as advertisements, print ads, signage, posters, business cards and other collateral pieces, etc. For examples, have a look at our "Odds & Ends" in the portfolio section on our site.

Here at modulation, we believe music plays a prominent role in your freedom of expression; and "designing for music" is no different. This gives modulation an opportunity to really step out of the box and, "go where no man has gone before". It also offers us a way of connecting with artists & bands to really create something special and unique for them. A design that will surely withstand the test of time and help generate income. Lets face it, when you have a stellar music package to offer it will visually evoke the listener and must work hand-in-hand with the music. It is crucial for the two to work in tandem with each other; one complementing the other. This seems to be widely over looked in today's market. We strive to bridge that gap by offering a full array of music packaging design ranging from iTunes single covers, standard jewel case or digi-packs. Have a look at our "Odds & Ends" in the portfolio section on our site.

Through our vast network of vendors we have access to some of the industries top photographers and studios located in New York City. In addtion we can also arrange remote photo shoots and art directing for clients via Google+ and Skype.

Now and then, modulation likes to give back to the community, and charitable work is something we love being involved in. In 2012 we were a part of the "Supergirl Campaign", sponsored by Moving Creations Inc., a non-profit arts organization located in Philadelphia, PA. This program gives empowerment to inner city girls and a chance of becoming successful through a creative process. We helped them in designing a logo, T-shirts, site architecture and banners for their website, which were all donated to their company. If you would like to inquire about pro-bono work please contact us for a consultation.