Our Philosophy

Know thyself… know thy client… know the audience


"Your only as good as your library" — a quote once uttered to me by one of my professors some years back, has really resonated with me over time. Building a collection of books about every subject imaginable has forced me to "know thyself" more, and in turn know the world in which we live, breathe, eat and sleep in. Having been touched by the golden age of design like the german "Bauhaus" and 20th century type giants such as Jan Tschichold and Alexey Brodovitch, to conceptual artists like Storm Thorgerson, Tibor Kalman, and Stefan Sagmeister and web innovators Ethan Marcotte and Tim Brown; have all influenced me one way or another. They have warmed my heart with their utter passion and fervor to create and make or break the rules. Our approach too is a humanistic, artistic "heartfelt" one, and comes from years of industry + life experiences gazing through the eyes of the world. Through blood sweat and tears, trial and error, we have come to learn how to connect better and "know thy audience" on an emotional "real" level. We like to think of ourselves as "psychological artisans" mixing the cognitive with the emotional, left and right brain interplay, yin & yang and being the acrobat that balances the two.